Overheard Behind Parliament Doors



“I think we’ve been working Mr. Conan too hard,” said Phineas.

“What makes you say that?” asked Buford.

“Did you know he sprinkles coffee grounds on his breakfast cereal? He says it gives him an extra boost for the day,” said Phineas.

“I’ve heard of worse,” replied Buford.

“You know those cod liver capsules? He snacks on them through the day. His breath smells like a fishing boat,” said Phineas.

“Maybe he loves seafood,” suggested Buford.

“You’re not getting this,” protested Phineas. “Yesterday I saw him eating a can of dog food. He said it’s the most efficient way of getting protein.”

Buford shrugged. “Okay. That’s a little weird.”

“Are you kidding? He’s so nuts, he’s a danger to people with peanut allergies.”

“That’s harsh, man,” said Buford.

“Truth hurts. That’s all I’m sayin’,” replied Phineas.

“What d’you suggest we do?” asked Buford.

“I dunno, but we gotta do something. We’re about to lost the third cabinet minister this year.”


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2 Responses to Overheard Behind Parliament Doors

  1. “He’s so nuts he’s a danger to people with peanut allergies”. Lol. That’s funny.

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