Family Support



“What did you do?!?” shrieked Margo to her brother on her cell phone. She stood in front of her clothes closet which had been converted into a pigeon coop.

“I thought you were lonely so I got you a few friends,” replied Paul.

“Where are my clothes?”

“Check your bathroom,” said Paul. He listened as she gasped and screamed.

“Is that an alligator in my bathtub?”

“Cute little guy, isn’t he?”

“My clothes. Where are my clothes?” demanded Margo.

“I couldn’t find any room for them now that your apartment is a zoo, so I donated them to charity,” explained Paul.

“You better start running, ‘cause I’m gonna hunt you down like a dog. You’re a dead man.”

Paul laughed. “Tell you what. I’ll come over and help you clean up and we can call this even.”

“Not a chance.”

“Hey, it’s only fair. You did ruin my wedding,” said Paul.

“She wasn’t good for you anyway,” dismissed Margo.

“Still, you didn’t need to hire a biker gang to kidnap her.”

It was Margo’s turn to laugh. “You gotta admit, she’s happier on the road. I did you a favour, if you think about it.”

“Still, it was my mistake to make,” said Paul.

Margo sat on her bed and startled the pigeons. “Do you think I went to far? I mean, I just did it so you wouldn’t ruin your life, right?”

“Are you actually trying to be sensitive right now?”

“Maybe,” she said, cautiously.

There was a lengthy pause between the two siblings.

Paul broke the tension with a hearty laugh. “You’re the best sister ever.”

Margo smiled. “Only the best for my baby brother.”

“Just do me a favour, will you?” asked Paul.

“What’s that?”

“Don’t feed the pigeons to the alligator. He’s a vegetarian.”

Margo laughed.


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2 Responses to Family Support

  1. Pat says:

    Never heard of a vegan aligator, unless it had two legs.

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