October 30th, 1938


Rob and Genie cuddled on the couch watching the news after a long day at work. After several stores, Genie said, “The world’s going to hell, ya know? And with all this fake news everywhere, I don’t know who to trust.”

“Fake news has been around a long time,” mused Rob.

“No it hasn’t.”

“Sure it has. I can prove it.”

Genie glared at Rob. “I’m listening.”

“October 30th, 1938.”

“You know I hate it when you’re smug.”

“Ask anyone from Grover’s Mill, New Jersey,” said Rob.

“If you’re just gonna be an a-“

Rob interrupted. “Fine. At 8PM on the Sunday evening before Halloween, Orson Welles directed his radio masterpiece, ‘War of the Worlds’. The whole play was set up as a series of news bulletins.”

“Fake news.”


“So you’re suggesting people are still making up news for dramatic effect?” asked Genie.

“From the script to the video clips right down the tone of the newsreaders.”

“If it’s so old, why are people only beginning to talk about it now?

“That’s easy. With the internet, no one voice controls the media any more. Notice how each side calls any dissenting news stories fake. It’s all about what they’re pushing.”

“Who do we listen to? Who do we trust?”

Rob shrugged. “I guess whatever side you choose.”


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