Past vs. Present


“Hey Bill, you comin’ over to watch the game tonight?” asked Ted. It was 5:30 and already the sun was setting.

“Next time. I can’t tonight.”

“What? You got plans or somethin’?”

“As it happens, I do,” said Bill.

“You dog. She got a name?” laughed Ted.

“It’s not a date.”

“What then?”

Bill glared at his coworker and childhood friend. “Are you a cop or are you writing a book?”

“Maybe I’m both.”

“You can’t fool me. You’re barely literate,” scoffed Bill.

“Whatever, man. Tell me.”

“Fine,” huffed Bill. “I’m taking a course.”

“Was that so hard? What’s it about?”

Bill threw up his hands in frustration. “Can’t a guy have any secrets?”

“No,” stated Ted. “Spill it.”

“Okay. I’m taking a camping course.”

“That’s not so weird.”

“Wait, what? Why not?”

“We live in an urban world, man. We’ve lost our connection to our ancestors. It’s like part of us primal selves has been ripped from our very souls,” said Ted.

Bill’s mouth fell open. “That’s right. I wanna reconnect, you know?”

Ted scoffed. “No. That’s so lame. We’re gods of evolution. Masters of the world. Who cares about our primal selves.”


“We spent centuries progressing to a technologically advanced future, and you wanna go back to the stone age. That’s pathetic.”

Bill’s face flushed. “Oh yeah? What happens when technology fails? Like maybe an EMP fries all the computers and we’re left in the dark. What then?”

“I wait for the movie end, leave the theatre and rejoin the real world.”

Bill snatched his coat. “Know what? I’m sorry I said anything.”

“C’mon man. I’m just jerkin’ your chain.”

Bill stormed off without speaking another word. As the door slammed behind him, it just so happened that there was a major failure of the power grid. Ted was left alone in the darkness.

Ted shook his head. “C’mon man. You already made your point.”


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2 Responses to Past vs. Present

  1. Pat says:

    I found this real funny and so today.

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