Celebration of Life


“I went to a celebration of life the other day,” announced Cecily.

“I’m sorry. Was is someone close?” asked Easton.

“A coworker’s partner. I think we met once at a party or something,” said Cecily.

“Those can be awkward,” noted Easton.

“It wasn’t bad actually. The only thing that got me was the term ‘celebration of life’. It wasn’t much of a celebration.”

“It’s just a nice way of saying funeral,” said Easton.

“Then call it that. Don’t try to sugar coat it. Don’t make it sound like something fun,” said Cecily.

“Death makes people uncomfortable. They try to soften it. You know, put a positive spin on it.”

Cecily thought about it for a moment. “Know what? When I die, I don’t want people thinking it’s positive. I want ‘em in deep sorrow, wondering how they’re gonna live without me.”

“When you’re dead, I don’t think you’re going to care either way. People will do whatever they want to do,” replied Easton.

Cecily frowned. “I never thought about it before, but I think funerals are all about the living.

Easton nodded. “Isn’t everything?”


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2 Responses to Celebration of Life

  1. cat9984 says:

    Think of the money we could save if we only changed that orientation: no gifts, no parties, no dates, … 🙂

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