The Curse of the Courteous


When Carson approached the door to the mall, he looked back and saw a woman following behind. He opened the door, passed through, then held it for the woman. It was his habit to show a random act of kindness. To Carson’s shock, the woman shook the door from his grasp.

“How dare you hold the door for me like I’m some feeble female. Chauvinist pig!” she shouted.

Something in Carson snapped. “I hold the door for all kinds of people, all the time. Courtesy does not mean chivalry. Learn the difference!”

The woman stopped and stared at Carson.

“What kind of terrible human being gets mad when someone is kind to them? I mean, really,” shouted Carson.

The woman’s jaw dropped while others stopped to watch the commotion.

“How mean has the world become that holding the door is considered a hostile act!” fumed Carson. He whirled around and turned right into a police officer.

“Excuse me, is this man bothering you?” the officer asked the woman.

She glared at Carson and said, “As a matter of fact, yes. I was minding my own business and he just started raving like a lunatic.”

Carson felt the blood drain from his face.

“Sir, would you please come with me?” asked the officer.

With shoulders dropped, Carson was led by the police officer into the bowels of the mall. They reached an interrogation room where Carson sat down. The officer sat across from him and leaned forward.

“Do you know why you’re here?” he asked.

Carson sighed. “These days, showing courtesy only leads to trouble.”


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