Every Day Carry


Fred was hard at work when he was disrupted by the sound of tinkling metal followed by someone yell, “Ah crap!” He looked over the half wall of his cubicle to investigate. Brandy and Mitch were on their hands and knees under a desk frantically searching for something.

“What’s wrong?” asked Fred.

“It’s my glasses. I dropped a screw that held my lens in place,” said Mitch.

“I got this,” said Fred. He joined the search by pulling out a finger sized flashlight and illuminating the area under the desk. The effect was immediate.

“Here it is,” exclaimed Brandy as she picked up the tiny screw.

Admiring the flashlight, Mitch asked, “That’s amazing. Where’d you get that?”

“I always have it. It’s part of my EDC,” bragged Fred.

“You carry a flashlight for your erectile disfunction condition?” asked Brandy.

Fred’s faced glowed red as Mitch guffawed.

“Every day carry,” whispered Fred.

“That makes more sense,” replied Brandy.

“That’s not a thing,” added Mitch.

“It is so. People spend lots of time developing their EDC. You’d be surprised,” retorted Fred.

“Is that along with your Viagra?” asked Mitch.

Fred shot him a hateful stare.

“Ignore him. I want to know more about your weird little hobby,” said Brandy.

“It’s not a weird. It’s important to always be prepared,” explained Fred.

“Are you some kind of prepper?” asked Mitch.

Fred shook his head. “It’s something everybody does without thinking about it.”

“Like urban survival,” said Mitch.


“Still sounds odd to me,” said Brandy.

Fred frowned. “That’s funny coming from someone who benefited from my every day carry.”

Brandy laughed. “I’m just teasing. You’re too sensitive.”

“He’s probably upset about his erectile disfunction,” added Mitch.

Fred blushed and returned to his cubicle. “You’ll be sorry when the zombie apocalypse comes,” he whispered.


About vanyieck

There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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6 Responses to Every Day Carry

  1. Anthony Trudgian says:

    What would one have to carry in their EDC in order to ward off zombies? Scary!

  2. Pat says:

    Sounds a lot like a friend we know and love.

  3. cat9984 says:

    Is EDC a thing?

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