Good Intentions


Neil was genuinely annoyed that he was forced to go to the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. He’d rather be sitting on his couch at home, binge watching Netflix.

“Wow, you made it,” said Amy.

“This better be worth it,” replied Neil.

“It is. I promise,” winked Amy.

Neil knew he was being manipulated, but for Amy, he didn’t mind. “Okay. What’s up?”

Amy smiled. “You know there are a lot of soup kitchens for the homeless, right?”

“I guess.”

“I wanted to give back to society, but I wanted to do something extra special,” explained Amy.

Neil raised an eyebrow. “Where is this going?”

“Homeless people need a place to clean up, so,” said Amy. She grabbed Neil’s hand and led him down a path to the centre of the park. They came around a bend in view of the park fountain.

“What the-“ stammered Neil.

The fountain was filled with naked homeless people and overflowing with soap suds.

“It’s a giant bubble bath,” giggled Amy.

“You did this?”

“Yes. Isn’t it amazing?” replied Amy.

Neil noticed several police officers at the far end of the fountain. “You are going to get so arrested,” he said.

“What? No,” said Amy. She left Neil behind and ran to the police.

Neil watched Amy explain herself using animated gesticulations. A female officer forced her to the ground and placed her in handcuffs. From the ground Amy looked at Neil in desperation.

“I’ll meet you at the police station,” he yelled as they dragged her away. A smile spread across his face. He wasn’t about to let the opportunity to be her hero slip past.


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