Imaginary Friends


“Have you ever stopped to think the best days of your life are behind you?” asked Alex. He was staring deeply into his coffee.

“Not until now,” said Roger.

“Are you trying to be a wet blanket? Wow,” added Eddie.

“I think you might be depressed,” said Roger.

“That’s not what I’m trying to do,” objected Alex, “And I’m not depressed. I’m using this as motivation. You know, not rest on my laurels.”

“You have laurels?” asked Roger.

“Yeah. What have you accomplished?” asked Eddie.

“That’s my point exactly. I’m pushing myself to do something worthy of remembrance,” said Alex.

“Like what?” asked Eddie.

Alex swirled what little coffee was left in his cup. “I want a title.”

“You want to be Sir Alex?” asked Roger.

“Why not?” asked Alex.

“Isn’t that kinda puttin’ the cart before the horse?” asked Roger.

“It’s like, they give those to people who’ve already accomplished something,” said Eddie.

“It’s not an accomplishment in itself,” explained Roger.

“All that’s completely ignoring the fact you’re not British,” said Eddie.

Alex stared at his friends in disbelief. “You guys suck, you know that? Real friends would support a guy, not stomp all over his dreams.”

“Maybe if we were the kind of friends who didn’t live in reality,” said Roger.

“Like imaginary friends. They support you no matter how unrealistic your dreams are,” added Eddie.

Alex slouched in his chair. “Maybe I should just have imaginary friends.”

“What do you mean? We are imaginary,” said Eddie.

“Yeah. We only pretend to be your friend,” said Roger.

The two smiled at each other and turned to Alex. A grin slowly spread across his face until all three were laughing.

“You guys still suck,” said Alex.


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