Compost Dreams


Emil dreamed he was being drowned in water. He fought against some unknown force, struggling for breath. When he could no longer fight, he was brought back to the surface. He was given only a few seconds of relief before being held under water again.

Amazingly, his mind calmed down and his terror disappeared. For the first time he felt a scrubbing across his body. A giant hand grasped him by the foot and pulled him fully out of the water.

“I think it’s clean enough,” said an unknown, yet familiar voice.

“You gotta really clean these things. They’re bacteria factories,” said another voice.

“It’ll be fine once it’s cooked.”

“How do we skin these?”

“Grab it by the legs and pull it. The skin will rip right open.”

“Wait, what?!?” yelled Emil.

“I was gonna just use a vegetable peeler.”

“No!” shouted Emil.

“You gotta admit, it’s a weird looking vegetable.”

“Somebody help me,” whimpered Emil.

Emil was tossed into a bowl filled with flour. He landed in a white cloud. When he looked over the lip, he recognized the giants for the first time. One was, Anna, his wife. The other was his sister Suzy.

He scrambled over the side and fell to the floor. A dog sauntered up and picked him up in it’s mouth. Emil figured this would be the end.

“Rex! Drop it,” said Anna.

The dog dropped Emil and licked his lips.

“We can’t eat this now,” said Anna.

She picked him up and threw him into the compost bin. He was surrounded by bits of carrot shavings, potato peelings and one celery stalk. He instantly devoured a piece of carrot. It was a great relief that he was no longer in danger.

This feeling was short lived, because he was dumped in a composter outside. Now he was surrounded by beetles twice his size. One grabbed him by it’s mandibles and shook him violently.

Emil woke up in a cold sweat. Anna rolled over in bed and rested her hand on his arm.

“Are you excited about the cooking class tomorrow?” she asked.

Emil turned away from his wife. “Something like that,” he said.

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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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