How to Fail in Business

Auto mechanic checking an internal combustion engine.

Pamela looked worried. “My car is making a strange sound.”

“Do what I do. Turn the radio louder,” replied Karl.

“That’s not going to help. What if it’s a serious problem?”

“Does the car still go?” asked Karl.


“Do the brakes still work?”


“Can you steer the car?”


“Then what’s the problem? It still does all the things a car’s supposed to do. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” concluded Karl.

Karl’s attitude angered Pamela. “That doesn’t mean the car’s okay. Maybe it’s about to break.”

“It’s a machine. All cars break. It’s inevitable. Don’t overreact. You have a cellphone. When it does break down, give me a call.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of preventative maintenance?” demanded Pamela.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a cash grab? Preventative maintenance is the definition of the phrase ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’.”

In a huff, Pamela turned to leave. “You’re the worst mechanic ever.”

“That may be true,” said Karl, “but I’m an honest one. Those are a lot rarer.”


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4 Responses to How to Fail in Business

  1. Pat says:

    That is very funny!!!!!!!!

  2. Anthony Trudgian says:

    They say “that the garage mechanic has the worst car on the block”!

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