An Apolitical Manifesto


(Food for thought.)

1. Governments cannot abolish evil. (It’s certain they create more of it.)

2. Folks, at their core, are selfish. All forms of evil stem from this truth. (Genuine altruism is endangered.)

3. When you spend more than you have, bad outcomes are inevitable. (Those who own your debt, own you.)

4. Folks who demand or accept free things from their governments become willing slaves to that government. (Socio-economic manipulation is more effective than violence.)

5. The people governments should help are folks who cannot help themselves, not those who are unwilling to help themselves. (Laziness is not a form of helplessness.)

6. Follow the money. At it’s source you will discover the hidden motives behind most actions. (Most, not all.)

7. Equality of opportunity does not correlate to equality of outcome. (The opprtunity to try, does not mean you are able.)

8. Failure is not a necessary evil. (It is a protection against bad ideas and ineffective strategies.)

9. The freedom to speak does not mean the freedom to be heard. (Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean it’s worth hearing.)

10. Antithetical worldviews cannot peacefully coexist. (One must dominate the other or both must fundamentally change. Tolerance is a myth.)

11. Wisdom is more valuable than knowledge. (And much rarer.)

12. Time is an equalizing resource. (We all have it in finite supply, regardless of our socio-economic status. What is done with it determines our legacy.)

13. Political opinions are like pennies. Everybody’s got a few, but they’re not worth much. (Yes, even Canadians, who abolished pennies years ago, still have a few hiding in their junk drawers.)


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