Surrounded by Optimists


It was bad enough that Lucas was dragged to a party, but going to one with party games was too much.

“Okay, we’re going around the circle. When it’s your turn, you have to tell us something about yourself no one else would know,” announced Riley, the host of the party.

Lucas counted how many people until his turn. Eight. That gave him enough time to scheme. He was oblivious to the laughter in the room as he formulated his words.

When his moment arrived, he looked around the circle of smiling faces with a grim expression. “I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.”

Lucas sat back and smiled as the words started to register in people’s minds.

“Where is somebody’s Reno?” asked someone.

“I was wondering the same thing,” added another.

“I didn’t say I shot a man in his Reno. I said I shot a man in Reno,” clarified Lucas.

“It sounds painful. Is that another world for rectum?” asked another.

“No,” said Lucas in disbelief. “It’s the capital of Nevada.”

“I thought Las Vegas was the capital,” said the first.

“I was sure it was Las Vegas.”

“Google it. I’m right,” said Lucas.

“What did you shoot him with?”

“Was it self-defence? You can’t go to jail if it was self-defence.”

“Of course it was. He wouldn’t be here if he was a murderer.”

“Why would he admit to it?”

“Maybe he’s wracked with guilt.”

Lucas’ eyes darted around the room as people added their speculations.

Things were getting out of hand. Lucas interrupted the conversation. “I made it up, okay? I didn’t actually shoot someone.”

The room went momentarily still.

“Of course you didn’t. Why would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit?” asked Riley.

“Unless he had a really good lawyer who got him off,” a person to Lucas’ left.

“Oh, that’s good. If it’s past the statute of limitations he can tell us all about it,” added someone to his right.

“That’s right. I forgot about that,” said Riley.

“This is so fun. Great game Riley,” said the first person. The others added their approval.

Riley blushed and looked at Lucas. “Thanks, but it’s really you guys who make it so much fun.”

Lucas slumped back in his seat and felt sorry for himself. He couldn’t even ruin a bad party.

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2 Responses to Surrounded by Optimists

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds like a bad dream. May try that at my brother’s house this Boxing Day. Would be great fun.

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