Adult Fans of Lego


Roger had never brought a girl back to his house. When Amanda said she wanted to see his place, his heart fluttered. It was a risk, but if their relationship was to progress, discovering his secret passion was unavoidable.

He held his breath as he opened the door and flipped on the light. The two were greeted by a four foot tall R2D2 made entirely out of Lego.

“Oh, wow,” gasped Amanda. “Where did you buy that?”

“Actually,” replied Roger, swallowing hard. “I made it.”

“Was it a kit?”

“No, I figured it out on my own.” Roger opened the top of R2D2’s head and dropped his keys in a hidden compartment. “He’s my key butler.”

Amanda looked around the room at a myriad of complex Lego creations. “So you…” she struggled to find the words.

“We’re called ‘Adult Fans of Lego’. It’s a creative hobby. Think of the bricks as an art medium,” explained Roger. “You don’t think it’s weird, do you?”

“I’m not sure,” said Amanda. “Up to now you seemed so normal.”

“What’s normal?” replied Roger.

“How many pieces do you have?” she asked as she ran her hand over a six foot model of the space shuttle.

“Over two million,” said Roger. “And counting.”

“But you’re a grown-up playing with a kid’s toy.”

Roger smiled. “There’s a lot of freedom being old enough not to care what people think.”

Amanda took another look around the room. “I wish I could say that.”

“I hope you can some day. Life’s too short to be insecure.”

Amanda sighed. “Then show me how to build something.”

“Alright,” said Roger.

They both knew then, this was a relationship that would last.


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4 Responses to Adult Fans of Lego

  1. Anthony Trudgian says:

    My son is 40 years old and gets down on the rug with my grandson to build Lego with the same box of pieces as him and I did.

  2. Pat says:

    I think this is a love story.

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