Slow Media


When Clint met Bruce for coffee, the first thing Bruce did was tweet about it.

“You mind if I take a selfie with you for my Twitter feed?” asked Bruce.

“No problem,” replied Clint.

“He said, ‘yes’,” said Bruce as he posted another tweet. He snapped the picture and posted yet another tweet.

“I didn’t know you were into social media,” said Clint.

Bruce laughed. “Actually, it’s more like an experiment. I call it ‘Slow Media’.”

“Did you come up with that up yourself?”

“I got the idea from Norway’s Slow TV,” beamed Bruce.

“How’s it work?” asked Clint.

Bruce posted another tweet. “Explaining Slow Media to Clint. Another convert to the cause?” he read as he typed.

“Slow Media involved posting every detail of my life as it happened. No matter how mundane or personal, my followers have immediate access to every part of my life,” said Bruce.

“That brings up so many questions,” said Clint.

“Can I quote you on them?” asked Bruce as he opened his phone.

“Sure, why not.”

“Ask away. It’ll make for great content,” encouraged Bruce.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Did you know that a Norwegian TV channel live streamed a five day ferry journey up the Norwegian coast, and half the country tuned in to watch? People loved it,” said Bruce.

“So, how many followers do you have?” asked Clint.

“I only started a couple of days ago, so I’m hoping to build an audience,” said Bruce.

“Which means you currently have…”

Bruce checked his account. “Sixteen million, three hundred and sixty-seven thousand, two hundred and eleven followers at the moment.”

Clint recoiled at the number. “And every one of them has no life whatsoever.”

“They don’t follow me the entire time. They check up on me now and then,” explained Bruce.

“Fair enough,” said Clint, settling back down. “Do you really tweet everything you do?”

“It don’t take pictures of everything, but it’s all tweeted,” said Bruce, as he updated his feed.

“Isn’t that embarrassing?” asked Clint.

Bruce shook his head. “Do you think I’m any different than anyone else?”

“Sure, but there’s still stuff I wouldn’t want publicized. Not to mention all that tweeting’s got to get in the way of a job,” said Clint.

“That’s the beauty of it,” said Bruce. “With that many followers, I have endorsement deals.”

Clint’s jaw dropped. “You’re getting paid to do this? Who’d be stupid enough to do that?”

Bruce posted another tweet. “This coffee shop, for one. I just have to post a couple selfies drinking their coffee.”

Clint leaned back in his seat and pondered, “I can’t decide if you’re a genius or a fool.”

“You don’t have to. I’ll set up a poll and let my followers decided,” said Bruce.

“Don’t worry about it,” concluded Clint. “You’re definitely a social media genius.”

Bruce tapped out another tweet. “Another convert for Slow Media!”

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6 Responses to Slow Media

  1. Pat says:

    Some people are real gullible. Makes me wonder if I am normal or not?

  2. Anthony Trudgian says:

    There’s some parts of my life that cannot be described in words! LOL

  3. cat9984 says:

    That is happening somewhere

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