Trust Issues


“According to research, night is darker than it was fifty years ago.”

Jeff looked outside and found it difficult to argue. The night sky seemed to shroud the city in an impenetrable blanket. He was profoundly thankful for the many lights which gave him a sense of security from the hidden world around him.

“Do you believe me?” asked Karen, interrupting Jeff’s wandering mind.

“Sure. Yeah. Absolutely,” he replied.

Karen laughed. “You shouldn’t. I totally made it up.”

“But you said research said so.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. I didn’t cite any references, did I?”

Jeff brooded. “It seems darker than it used to.”

“It really isn’t. It has more to do with your bad memory and the fact that your aging eyes aren’t as receptive to light,” explained Karen.

“Are you making that up, too?”

Karen smiled sweetly. “Maybe. Would you know either way?”

“Are you intentionally trying to mess with my head?”

“But it’s so easy to do,” said Karen.

Jeff rubbed his temples. “This is giving me a headache.”

“Don’t be such a snowflake,” scolded Karen. “It’s just a little fun.”

“For you, maybe,” accused Jeff.

“That’s the best kind of fun there is,” retorted Karen.

“It’s nice to know my head’s your personal playground.”

“At least you know why I love you,” consoled Karen.

Jeff stared out at the dark night. It suddenly seemed much more inviting. Without a word, he got up and grabbed his coat.

“Where are you going?” demanded Karen.

“It’s time I got off this ride,” said Jeff.

Karen was suddenly visibly annoyed. “What do you mean by that?”

Jeff zipped his coat and held open the front door. “Let me put it this way. Given the choice of you and the unknown, I say it’s time to embrace the mystery.”

A flabbergasted Karen watched as Jeff disappeared into the darkness.


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