Technology of the Future, Yesterday!


Steven sat in his favourite coffee shop, writing in his journal during the morning rush. He was composing a particularly astute sentence when he was interrupted by a nosy high school student.

“Is that a fountain pen?” he demanded of Steven.

“Yes,” replied Steven.

The high schooler set his backpack on the next table and removed his tablet. “Nice technology, old man,” he said, waving the tablet at Steven. “This is what the future looks like.”

Steven glared at the petulant teen, then held up his pen. “This pen is sixty years old. You’ve had your tablet, what, six months at the most?”

“Newer is better,” stated the student.

There are times in life when enough is enough. For Steven, enough was certainly past due.

“Are you an environmentalist?” asked Steven.

“Of course. Someone has to clean up the mess your generation made of the planet,” scoffed the high schooler.

“How many tablets have you had? Four? Five? Every time you buy one, you support the mining of several precious metals, the refining of oil into plastics, and the use of massive amounts of energy used in production and transportation,” explained Steven.


From a nearby table, a patron chuckled to himself as he listened in to the conversation.

“Since the production of this single writing instrument, it has taken nothing from the planet. Virtually all fountain pen inks are organically based. The paper I use is renewable and recyclable, or it can be preserved as a family heirloom. If your generation is as consumed with the preservation of the environment as they claim, not only is my pen more environmentally responsible, it is the true technology of the future,” concluded Steven.

The high schooler stood dumbfounded. “Um, I gotta go to school,” he stammered.

“You shouldn’t need to,” laughed the patron. “You’ve already been take to school.”

Steven smiled as he watched the flustered student flee the scene. He gave the patron a nod, then continued writing his astute sentence.

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5 Responses to Technology of the Future, Yesterday!

  1. Pat says:

    Yes, I love the use of things that never lose their usefulness. Great story.

  2. Anthony Trudgian says:

    Somehow I feel this has happened to you! Good story with a moral ending!

  3. cat9984 says:

    Should have asked him if he even knew how to write with a pen.

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