The Physics of Sibling Torment


As soon as Greg got home, he was confronted by Beverly. “We have a problem,” she announced. Her expression was grave.


“What now?” sighed Greg.


“Your son has been studying quantum physics at school.”


“First of all, he’s your son, too. Is he failing?”


Beverly shook her head. “Jeremy’s loving it. That’s the problem.”


Greg frowned. “Is he building a nuclear reactor in the basement?”


“Listen, this is serious. He learned that protons, neutrons and electrons are made up of quarks, and quarks are made up of energy,” explained Beverly.




“He also discovered that since everything is fundamentally made up of energy, in theory we should be able to walk through walls.”


“That’s interesting,” admitted Greg.


“James thought so, too. Jeremy convinced his little brother to do an experiment.”


Greg rolled his eyes. “I shudder to think.”


“He’s got James running into the wall over and over to see if he can pass through it,” said Beverly.


Greg rubbed his eyes and snickered.


“James nearly broke his nose twice.”


Greg sighed again. “Only our kids could turn physics into a full contact sport.”

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4 Responses to The Physics of Sibling Torment

  1. Pat says:

    Aren’ t kids amazing?

  2. Anthony Trudgian says:

    Sounds to me something like a “bird box challenge”.

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