Brought Down By A Microscopic Particle


Sabrina woke up with the feeling of razors scraping down the back of her throat.


“No, not today,” she said out loud. Each word burned as it flowed from her lungs. Her pillow bore the brunt of her violent frustration.


This was supposed to be a big day. A presentation, six long months in the making, was to be given to the board. Pending their approval, Sabrina would see the fulfillment of a life long dream. Of course, today would be the day she gets sick.


Perched on the edge of the bed, Sabrina weighed her options. As if there were any. She had to get going. Summoning up all her strength, she rose to her feet. What also rose were the contents of her stomach. Faster than her brain could process, she threw up all over the bedroom floor.


Tears swelled in her eyes. Cleaning puke was the last thing she wanted to do. Instead, she grabbed her phone.




“Hey, it’s Sabrina.”


“You sound horrible,” exclaimed her co-worker Alexei.


“I feel worse than I sound,” confessed Sabrina.


“This has to be a joke. You can’t be sick today.”


“I’m sorry,” was all she could croak. Sabrina could sense panic on the other end of the line.


“Wait, I got it. We’ll get Theresa to cover your part of the presentation,” concluded Alexei.


A throbbing headache formed behind Sabrina’s eyes. Her brain screamed ‘No!’


After a long pause, Alexei admitted, “I know she’s not your favorite person, but what other options do we have?”


Sabrina sighed. “Do what you have to.” In her heart, Sabrina knew Theresa would get all the glory for her hard work.


The room now filled with the stench of sick, making Sabrina dizzy. She hung up the phone and crashed on the bed.


“It’s not fair,” she moaned, then succumbed to the sleep of exhaustion.


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2 Responses to Brought Down By A Microscopic Particle

  1. Pat says:

    These slimy microscopic partials.

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