Polka Radio


Emily and Gabe were walking through the mall when they bumped into Istvan, an old friend from high school.


“How are you? You look great,” exclaimed Emily.


“Couldn’t be better. How ‘bout you guys?” replied Istvan.


“Can’t complain,” answered Gabe.


“What are you doin’ now?” asked Emily.


“Funny you should ask. I work full-time warming up weddings.”


Emily and Gabe shared a confused glance. Istvan noticed it and laughed.


“Weddings are always notoriously late, and after a few minutes things get awkward. I’m hired to entertain the crowd and keep them warm for when the wedding starts,” explained Istvan.


“How does one even get into that?” asked Emily.


Istvan shrugged. “I got the idea, so I went to a wedding chapel and asked. They said they’d add it as an option to their list of services. All I needed was one shot,” said Istvan.


“Unbelievable,” muttered Emily.


“Haven’t look back since,” added Istvan.


“Good for you, I guess,” said Gabe.


“Thanks. Any who, I gotta run. It was good to see you guys,” said Istvan.


“You too,” replied Gabe.


Once Istvan was out of earshot, Emily turned to Gabe.


“Did that just happen?” she asked.


Gabe shook his head. “Remember, this is the same guy who broke into the school radio station and blasted three hours of polka music during exams.”


“I forgot about that,” admitted Emily.


“That guy’s so crazy,” concluded Gabe, “he’s one incident away from becoming an urban legend.”

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2 Responses to Polka Radio

  1. Pat Lockie says:

    I just love urban legends. Great ingenuity.

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