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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I

Random Thought of the Day

Be wary when the government gives you everything you want. That’s how they treat livestock before they’re slaughtered.

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The Diet

“I’ve made up my own diet. It’s totally awesome,” said Moonbeam. Her El Salvadoran maid Esmeralda set a plate of charred toast before her. “Ew. Your maid totally  ruined your brunch,” scoffed Grape. “No, that’s the diet. Isn’t it awesome?” … Continue reading

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After the morning rush at the coffee shop Sandy covered her mouth and ran to the back. Miguel noticed her and followed. “Are you okay?” asked Miguel. “I don’t feel so good,” mumbled Sandy. “You look pale.” “I threw up … Continue reading

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After A Meeting With The English Teacher

“I spoke with your English teacher today,” Will said to his son Ronny. “‘Sup?” said Ronny, his earbuds still firmly implanted in his ears. “She said you haven’t read a single novel this year,” accused Will. Ronny chuckled. “Yeah.” “Don’t … Continue reading

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Sweet, Spicy and Clueless

Dalton sat alone at his table tapping away on his smartphone, hoping to mask the fact that he got stood up. No patron in the restaurant could possibly know that it was the third time he’d been stood up in … Continue reading

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The Great Candy Conspiracy

They had to be at the family gathering in fifteen minutes and Holly loathed being late. She reached over from the passenger’s seat and honked the horn. A few seconds later Damien appeared. “C’mon. We gotta get going,” said Holly. … Continue reading

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The Skyrim Determination

“You’ll never guess what I saw yesterday,” Wendy said to Carlo over dinner. “Do you really want me to guess or are you using a rhetorical device?” asked Carlo. Wendy rolled her eyes. “It’s a rhetorical device, obviously.” “Okay, sorry. … Continue reading

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