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Why All Writers Should Blog

To blog or not to blog? That is the postmodern question. A lot of writers wonder if blogging is a good idea. After all, blogs take a lot of time. It means giving away good work. It distracts from other, … Continue reading

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Rescued- a review

Donna Dawson is an idealist. She wrote her novel Rescued (Word Alive Press, ISBN 978-1-77069-129-2) as a way to resolve one of the fiercest debates of the Western World. Abortion polarizes. Most people are on one side or the other. … Continue reading

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Shock and horror

Now that I’m a member of a writer’s guild, I figured it was time to submit my first Rembrandt story to their scrutiny. I realize it’s arrogance, but I assumed my story is better than it actually is. The first … Continue reading

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In my mind I made a writing plan for the summer. Last year I wrote a first draft of a novel entitled “Cancel”. Through the winter I’d continued my “Rembrandt Parables”. For the sake of variety and to keep things … Continue reading

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The second story of the Rembrandt Parables

I’ve posted the second of my Rembrandt Parables. I’ve been working on the latest story but have made little headway. This story is more work than the others I’ve written. Still there is something profoundly enjoyable about creating this series. … Continue reading

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The latest performance

I completed another story in my series “The Rembrandt Parables”. Last night I read it before an audience to what I consider mixed reviews. It’s amazing how a tepid reaction can affect a month’s work. Instead of a feeling of … Continue reading

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To guild or not to guild

Still stinging from my last rejection, I’ve started reconsidering my publication strategy. Assuming I have the ability, an assumption which may change depending on the day, I’m thinking about joining a writer’s guild. There is a cost to join. That … Continue reading

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On photography, writing and why we do what we do.

Tonight I watched a documentary on photographer Sally Mann. I was surprised to discover that I share the same insecurities with this well known and established artist. It seems that artists create from within their own consciousness and at the same time yearn for the affirmation of others. In the course of filming the documentary one of her shows is canceled by the gallery. He is devastated. In her struggle to come to terms with her disappointment she concludes that they canceled her show because it wouldn’t make the gallery any money. She concedes that she knew for her first photograph that her exhibit wouldn’t make money, but she still had to explore her subject anyway. Her art was more for her journey than for public consumption. Continue reading

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What is a soul?

Quite accidently I recently found this definition of a soul. It may be the single best definition of the term I’ve found in a long time. It comes from the novel “The Lyre of Orpheus” by Robertson Davies: “Souls were … Continue reading

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