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Anonymously Successful?

I wonder which is better, to appear successful in front of an audience or be genuinely successful in anonymity?

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Failure, success and things that bind them

Why is failure considered such a terrible evil? Many sports for children don’t keep score so that no one loses. I know of schools that don’t offer failing grades. Instead, failing students are sent to remedial classes and advanced with … Continue reading

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The bubble bursts

The events of this week have reinforced that writing is an individual activity. Basking in the acceptance of my first article, I was eager to share my joy with family. I was greeted by waves of apathy. My wife was … Continue reading

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After seven years of rejection and frustration, I’ve finally reached the holy grail of unpublished writers. Later this year I will finally see my name in print. I’ve crossed the enigmatic barrier from aspiring writer to legitimated contributor. The object … Continue reading

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The enigmatic cult of celebrity

I feel as though I must weigh in on the passing of Michael Jackson. Actually, I’m not so much interested in him per se, but in the cult of celebrity. People have already begun to eulogize him as a great … Continue reading

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