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Rescued- a review

Donna Dawson is an idealist. She wrote her novel Rescued (Word Alive Press, ISBN 978-1-77069-129-2) as a way to resolve one of the fiercest debates of the Western World. Abortion polarizes. Most people are on one side or the other. … Continue reading

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‘Making the Bitter Sweet’ by T. L. Wiens- a review

Can a lone, cruel, teenaged bully shred the fabric of an entire town? T. L. Wiens answers that question in her novel Making the Bitter Sweet (ISBN 978-1-4363-8338-7). Wiens has produced a tale of bullying, revenge and redemption with more … Continue reading

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‘Rooms’ by James L. Rubart- a review

Rooms by James L. Rubart (B&H Publishing Group ISBN 978-0-8054-4888-7) chronicles the extraordinary redemptive tale of Michah Taylor, a Seattle software millionaire who’s given a home by his deceased great-uncle. The home, which happens to be at the location of … Continue reading

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Simon Ivascu and Wesley Pop’s “The Price of Freedom”- a review

The Price of Freedom (ISBN 0-9782012-0-5) chronicles the true story of the dramatic flight of two young Christians from communist Romania. Approaching the age of conscription, Simon feared the merciless persecution awaiting military life. Simon’s harrowing journey to Italy was … Continue reading

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Brian C. Austin’s “Munnin’s Keep”- a review

Think “The Bourne Identity” meets “Lord of the Rings”. Think sixth century historical fiction meets unconventional Christian plot line. Munnin’s Keep (Word Aline Press, ISBN 978-1-926676-66-1) is an intriguing concoction of elements that produces and entertaining read. The main character, … Continue reading

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Mags Storey’s ‘If You Only Knew’- a review

I think romance novels are stupid. Generally speaking, romantic stories trace the travails of individuals who wallow in emotional drivel. What’s more, they’re completely unrealistic. For instance, in all romance novels, guys learn how to get in touch with their … Continue reading

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Donna Dawson’s ‘Vengeance’- a review

Reviewing Donna Dawson’s award winning mystery novel Vengeance (Word Alive Press, ISBN 1-897373-24-4), is like criticizing a Stanley Cup champion. Negative comments are fitting only for petulant runner-ups with an axe to grind. Since I’m not that guy, I’m free … Continue reading

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