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The Weirdness of Books

While riding on the bus a woman said, “I love books,” to no one in particular. She took a long sniff of the pages, then let out a euphoric, “ah.” Some of the passengers rolled their eyes. Others had a … Continue reading

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Comic Smell of Love

Winslow watched Garrett pull a novel off the library shelf, open it, and take a long sniff across the page. He breathed out with a look of satisfaction. “What are you doing?” asked Winslow, half out of curiosity, half in … Continue reading

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Rescued- a review

Donna Dawson is an idealist. She wrote her novel Rescued (Word Alive Press, ISBN 978-1-77069-129-2) as a way to resolve one of the fiercest debates of the Western World. Abortion polarizes. Most people are on one side or the other. … Continue reading

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Book 3: “Radical Monotheism and Western Culture” by Richard Niebuhr

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a book of substance and relevance. Richard Niebuhr seeks to engage the Christian faith in dialogue with the postmodern western world. The common ground is faith. Niebuhr defines faith as ‘centre of … Continue reading

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Book 2: “I and Thou” by Martin Buber

The second spiritual book everyone must read is Martin Buber’s I and Thou. In his seminal work, Martin Buber reveals a keen understanding of the divine/human relationship. Buber differentiates between two types of relationships: I-it and I-Thou. An I-it relationship … Continue reading

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Three spiritual books that I think everyone should read

The other day Mags Storey posted on Facebook that she was asked what three spiritual books she thinks everyone should read. That made me wonder what I’d put on such a list. It took a couple of days and a … Continue reading

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‘Making the Bitter Sweet’ by T. L. Wiens- a review

Can a lone, cruel, teenaged bully shred the fabric of an entire town? T. L. Wiens answers that question in her novel Making the Bitter Sweet (ISBN 978-1-4363-8338-7). Wiens has produced a tale of bullying, revenge and redemption with more … Continue reading

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