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Christmas Benediction 2010

How easy it is become wrapped in the frivolities of the Christmas season. Mawkish media displays and consumer hype distract us with fleeting pleasures and hollow presents. Christmas becomes an event wrapped in glossy paper, lying under a synthetic tree. … Continue reading

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A Christian Manifesto

It is a strange thing to live in a way that is contrary to the flow of society. It is a never ending struggle. The flow is relentless, so our struggle must be constant lest we become swept away by … Continue reading

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Men of God- a guest blog post by Benjamin T. Collier

When asked which Christian writers have been most influential to me personally, the first name that came to mind was John Eldredge. Particularly his books Wild at Heart and Way of the Wild Heart, which deal with the question of … Continue reading

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Looking Through the Paper- a guest post by Ron Hughes

What can you see through paper? Grab a book or magazine and give it a try. Even the thinnest paper obscures the view to the point of bringing futility to the exercise. However, if we turn the dial of our … Continue reading

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Daniel’s honesty

I’ve been spending my devotional reading in the book of Daniel. Once you past the great stories surrounding Daniel and his three friends you come to Daniel’s apocalyptic visions. I’ve always struggled with visions of the end times, mostly because … Continue reading

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