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Image of God

“In Old Testament times, did God already know about electricity?” Rosemary asked Miguel. The two were sitting together, enjoying a coffee break. “I think he already knew all that kind of stuff,” mused Miguel. Rosemary nodded. “I kinda thought so … Continue reading

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The Genius Of Laziness

Sid ran his hands through his hair as he loaded a bootlegged copy of Flappy Bird onto his smartphone. It was 3:30 on a painfully ordinary Tuesday afternoon. A stack of files sat to his left. The computer monitor flipped … Continue reading

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The Keys to Failure

I don’t really know any keys to success, mainly because I haven’t experienced any success. I have however, learned a few keys to failure. They’re lessons learned through a hard head and stubborn will. Hopefully they will serve inspiration to … Continue reading

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The bubble bursts

The events of this week have reinforced that writing is an individual activity. Basking in the acceptance of my first article, I was eager to share my joy with family. I was greeted by waves of apathy. My wife was … Continue reading

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The cycle continues

Last Sunday I read my latest Rembrandt Parable. It was story I finished a the previous Friday. The response was generally favorable. On Monday I started working on the next story. This project has taken on an almost obsessive quality. … Continue reading

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I’ve taken a few days off after finishing “Benevolence”. Hopefully it’s been an enjoyable read for those who’ve followed the serial. I’ve also set up a page to present the whole story for those who don’t want to read it … Continue reading

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Art as intrinsic value

I believe and artist shouldn’t be measured merely by public recognition and accolade. If success were thus defined then the painter Vincent Van Gogh and writer Franz Kafka would be abject failures. But history does not view them as such. … Continue reading

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