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Anne approached Roy as they waited for the elevator after work.“Are you going to the work luncheon tomorrow?” she asked. “No. Tomorrow’s my independence day,” replied Roy. “It’s September 29th,” replied Anne. She looked at Roy quizzically. “Exactly. It’s the … Continue reading

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The One Percent of Culture

“Have you noticed that culture has become mostly a spectator activity? asked Marvin, breaking a long silence. “I can honestly say I haven’t,” replied Grant. He was mildly irritated. Marvin always asked questions at the most inopportune times. The two … Continue reading

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Where is the counter culture?

The other week I was watching the protesters at the G20 summit in Toronto. Between the innumerable dissenting groups and the hired hooligans, I began to wonder about the nature of counter culture in the 21st century. What constitutes a … Continue reading

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