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Smart Thinking

Oliver met his new neighbour Alex one evening at a backyard barbecue. “So, what do you do?” asked Oliver. “I’m in sales. I sell burial plots,” replied Alex. Oliver unconsciously took a step backward. “I didn’t know people did that.” … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life

“I went to a celebration of life the other day,” announced Cecily. “I’m sorry. Was is someone close?” asked Easton. “A coworker’s partner. I think we met once at a party or something,” said Cecily. “Those can be awkward,” noted … Continue reading

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High Risk Factors

Richard sat pantless in the doctor’s room at the insurance office. The nurse sat across from him with a clipboard in her hand. “So you’re a non-smoker,” she said. “Five years now,” said Richard proudly. The nurse looked up at … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

“Alright everyone, for an ice breaker, let’s start by telling us your name and sharing with us your first pet,” said Shane. She looked around the circle at her Globophobics Anonymous group and smiled. “Um, excuse me. What if we’ve … Continue reading

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Requiem for a neighbour

A neighbour on my street died last night. As gathering neighbours whispered their concerns, the whoops and hollers of a pool party desecrated the solemnity of the event. In the living room of the man’s house the emergency workers practiced … Continue reading

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I see a dead person

I have a dead person in my office. She’s been there nearly four years. Her name is Reyna. She died of cancer shortly after her wedding. Her husband, Bill, was a recovering alcoholic. After her passing he stopped recovering. I … Continue reading

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A Day of Days- an Easter Benediction

It was a day of days. It was extraordinary encased in the common place. He was not the first to be crucified, but he was the only of his kind to die. Many innocent have tasted an unjust death, but … Continue reading

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