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Kindred Spirits

Brad stood in front of to Ashley with his hands on his hips and a determined look in his eye. “A little less conversation and a little more action, please,” he said. “What?” replied Ashley. “All this aggravation ain’t satisfactionin’ … Continue reading

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The Inclusive Faith Community and the Seeker

The foyer of the Church of the Intrepid Light was astonishing. Markus stood in awe of how the prisms of light from the chandeliers reflected off the stained glass windows. The room was alive with brilliant color. He couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Mary, A Great Woman of Faith

As Christmas approaches, I thought it would be interesting to briefly look at the people surrounding the birth of Christ. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Mary. Two things about Mary capture my attention. First, it’s the fact that she wasn’t … Continue reading

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A couple of points to ponder

Be strong and courageous, because what you see is only half the challenge you face. God’s promises are only as effective as the ones who trust in them.

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Book 3: “Radical Monotheism and Western Culture” by Richard Niebuhr

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a book of substance and relevance. Richard Niebuhr seeks to engage the Christian faith in dialogue with the postmodern western world. The common ground is faith. Niebuhr defines faith as ‘centre of … Continue reading

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Three spiritual books that I think everyone should read

The other day Mags Storey posted on Facebook that she was asked what three spiritual books she thinks everyone should read. That made me wonder what I’d put on such a list. It took a couple of days and a … Continue reading

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I see a dead person

I have a dead person in my office. She’s been there nearly four years. Her name is Reyna. She died of cancer shortly after her wedding. Her husband, Bill, was a recovering alcoholic. After her passing he stopped recovering. I … Continue reading

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