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The Toilet Seat Solution

Dad was reading in the living room when he heard a slam! “Dad! Ainsley dropped the toilet seat again and I’m trying to study. Make her stop!” shouted his other daughter Melanie. Before Dad could reply, Ainsley shouted back back. … Continue reading

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Hearing and Listening- The Man Who Declared Himself Emperor

Becky arrived at home from work at quarter after seven. “You’re late,” complained Clement. “I needed to clear my head. Sorry.” “Trouble at work?” Becky sat at the kitchen table. Clement brought a plate of supper he kept warming for … Continue reading

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Return of the Dancing Cowboy

Clive burst through the front door of the apartment. “It’s that time of year,” he announced. “For your annual shower?” asked Julie. “No,” said Clive. “A new hairstyle?” Clive gave Julie a scowl. “Know what? Forget it.” Julie laughed. “I’m … Continue reading

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