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World Cup Fever

Steve bumped into Rob at the coffee shop on his way to work. Portuguese flags waved proudly from the windows of Rob’s car. “How’s it going’?” asked Rob as he joined the line. “Alright. You?” “Awesome.” After a few seconds … Continue reading

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Life Begins At Forty

  The wide receiver ran a post pattern. Mitchell bit on his outside move, then scrambled to recover. Looking back, he watched the quarterback launch the football his direction.   Mitchell followed the trajectory of the football as it sailed … Continue reading

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First World Problems

  Drake insisted the bellhop carry their luggage their third floor room. It wasn’t his idea to come to a Cuban resort. The blame for that lay squarely with Marla, his fourth wife. Now that he was here, Drake decided … Continue reading

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One Angry Hippo

Roddy Nelson sat quietly in his office for what he was sure would be the last time. Leaning back in his leather chair he wondered how it all went so wrong. He’d been the Athletic Director of the Apaloosa State … Continue reading

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Contentment before thanksgiving

I recently saw a TV commentator who encouraged people to pause and give thanks, especially when we consider those less fortunate. That’s not the first time I’ve heard someone phrase thankfulness that way. It makes me wonder why we need … Continue reading

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