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Technology of the Future, Yesterday!

Steven sat in his favourite coffee shop, writing in his journal during the morning rush. He was composing a particularly astute sentence when he was interrupted by a nosy high school student. “Is that a fountain pen?” he demanded of … Continue reading

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The Superhero Secretary

It started as a low rumble that reverberated in Kate’s chest. It built, growing louder and higher until it was a deafening scream. Terrance burst from his office, a storm of frustration and rage. His fury exploded until his lungs … Continue reading

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The Financial Crisis

It was eight-thirty when Stan arrived home from work. Belinda was sitting at the kitchen table, frowning at the bills. Stan kissed her on the top of her head before searching for the leftovers from supper. “Stan, we need to … Continue reading

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I, Curmudgeon and other perspectives from the travels

I’ve been conspicuous by my absence the past two weeks. The days have been filled with travels and adventures. For instance, this past weekend I was in Washington D.C. for the DC Supershow pen show. It’s the largest pen show … Continue reading

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Sacred spaces

This post is in response to the writing challenge given by the blog, thesunlitdesk. For those accepting the assignment we are to write about a personal sacred space. I’ve discovered two. The sacred may be found in the most unusual … Continue reading

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I found it!

I left it in a shirt pocket and for some reason, that shirt didn’t make it into the laundry. It had fallen in by the wayside in my closet. By sheer chance I picked it up when I was tidying … Continue reading

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Aaaaaah! I lost a fountain pen!

I have no idea where it went. I saw in on the weekend and then I placed it on my desk. It’s a vintage Conway Stewart 27 that was serving as a daily writer. Earlier in the week I used … Continue reading

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The total writing experience

I need to make a confession. My passion for writing moves beyond the simple need to express my thoughts and stories. I love the act of writing. There is something magical about putting pen to paper and leaving a trail … Continue reading

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