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October 30th, 1938

Rob and Genie cuddled on the couch watching the news after a long day at work. After several stores, Genie said, “The world’s going to hell, ya know? And with all this fake news everywhere, I don’t know who to … Continue reading

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A True Hallowe’en Horror

Vic leaned against the wall of Leon’s cubicle. “Did you read the interoffice memo? We’re supposed to dress up for Hallowe’en. What are ya’ gonna be?” “Hallowe’en confuses me,” lamented Leon. “What’d ya mean? Hallowe’en’s great.” Leon gave Vic an … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Outside

After he recovered, Ed admitted that the whole thing was a bad idea. It started when he decided to watch the move “Halloween 3” at midnight with the windows open to the backyard. Ed hated horror movies. They were too … Continue reading

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A Tale of True Hallowe’en Horror

Hallowe’en was only three days away. Kyle didn’t get invited to many parties, so when he received an invitation to Dahlia and Mark’s neighborhood costume party he was anxious. He was supposed to come as his favorite heroic character. Kyle … Continue reading

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