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Mary- Woman of Strength

I have to admit, I used to think of Mary as a fragile little girl. A timid young thing who was unwittingly plunged into this miraculous Messianic event. That’s what I used to think. The other day I reread the … Continue reading

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Mary, A Great Woman of Faith

As Christmas approaches, I thought it would be interesting to briefly look at the people surrounding the birth of Christ. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Mary. Two things about Mary capture my attention. First, it’s the fact that she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Christmas Benediction 2010

How easy it is become wrapped in the frivolities of the Christmas season. Mawkish media displays and consumer hype distract us with fleeting pleasures and hollow presents. Christmas becomes an event wrapped in glossy paper, lying under a synthetic tree. … Continue reading

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King Herod and the newborn king

I was reading about King Herod the other day and I noticed something that I’d previously overlooked. Not once did Herod deny that Jesus was a king. In fact, he received proof from his scholars that supported the Magi’s claim … Continue reading

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On the shepherds of the Christmas story

Like all elements of the Christmas story, the account of the shepherds has been parsed, dissected, interpreted and reinterpreted. For instance, one of the great questions regarding the shepherds is ‘why appear to the shepherds?’ I’ve heard many explain how … Continue reading

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A Christian Manifesto

It is a strange thing to live in a way that is contrary to the flow of society. It is a never ending struggle. The flow is relentless, so our struggle must be constant lest we become swept away by … Continue reading

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A Day of Days- an Easter Benediction

It was a day of days. It was extraordinary encased in the common place. He was not the first to be crucified, but he was the only of his kind to die. Many innocent have tasted an unjust death, but … Continue reading

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A Christmas benediction

It was not a silent night. It was a night of labour; the effort and pains to bring a new life into the world. It was a night of chaos; the struggle to find a safe place for a family … Continue reading

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Faith Burning- a memoir

It wasn’t uncommon to wake up to a Winnipeg winter day still drenched in the vestments of night. On mornings like this it was especially difficult to prepare for high school. Usually I would stumble down the hall to the … Continue reading

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