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The Weird Language

“Hey Al, did you ever think that English is a weird language?” said Jose. “I heard that it’s one of the hardest languages to learn,” replied Al. “Try this: I’ll spell a word and you pronounce it. Y-E-S,” said Jose. … Continue reading

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Modern Hierolyphics

A notification sound on Ben’s phone chimed, attracting Raquel’s attention. She watched him look down, then reel back in frustration. “Something wrong?” she asked. “Humanity’s doomed,” he replied. “You got that from a message on your phone?” “Yes. It was … Continue reading

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Advanced ESL

Nathan bumped into his new neighbour while he was raking leaves in his front yard. Raul was staring thoughtfully into space as he returned from his adult English class. “How is your ESL course?” asked Nathan. Raul frowned “Not very … Continue reading

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Linguistics and Other Nonverbal Communication

Marvin and Julietta sat across from each other at El Burro restaurant. It was their first date. They nervously looked over the menus. “This all looks so good,” said Julietta. “Yeah,” said Marvin. “Uh huh,” said Julietta. The waitress approached … Continue reading

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After A Meeting With The English Teacher

“I spoke with your English teacher today,” Will said to his son Ronny. “‘Sup?” said Ronny, his earbuds still firmly implanted in his ears. “She said you haven’t read a single novel this year,” accused Will. Ronny chuckled. “Yeah.” “Don’t … Continue reading

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Language Arts

Stan, Diane and Grace sat at a table in a quiet corner of the Diogenes Club’s annual Spring party. Without warning, Stan grabbed at his hip and pulled out his Blackberry. Diane shot an angry look across the table toward … Continue reading

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English, a painful language

I just noticed that it’s been ten days since my last post. I’ve been editing my last Rembrandt Parable. This story, for some reason, has been particularly challenging. The problem has been my love/hate relationship with the English language. I … Continue reading

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