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That Moment When You Realize

It was routine. Blake was in line, watching with passing interest as the cashier ran through his items. After she scanned the last item, she asked, “How old are you?” She had a nervous grin that was contagious. “Uh, forty-five,” … Continue reading

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Beyond Her Years

Olivia pounced when she discovered Chelsea in the high school library. “Wanna know the definition of sad?” asked Olivia. “What?” asked Chelsea. She was eager for an excuse to break from studying. “An old man making a website. That’s what my dad was … Continue reading

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The Fiftieth Birthday Party

Adam turned fifty. For his birthday, his three children took him out for dinner. When the server approached, his oldest daughter Ariel asked, “Excuse me, how old do you have to be to get the senior’s discount?” The server looked … Continue reading

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Midlife crisis

I’ve plunged into a mini midlife crisis. I’ve realized that I’m too old to become a superstar athlete. I wasn’t an athlete in the first place, but as long as I was young enough, there was the hope that I … Continue reading

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