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Writing, painting, and the difference between them

When I posted the pen pictures I noticed how infrequently I’ve posted on my blog the past few weeks. It’s been a combination of hitting a dry spell and an increased fascination with painting. In some ways painting hasn’t had … Continue reading

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The nexus of painting and writing

Language is the medium. Words are the values. The imagination is the canvas. The artist applies layers of meaning with skill and precision; writing and rewriting until the masterpiece conforms to the intention of the artist. Or perhaps the artist … Continue reading

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But would you put it on your wall?

I’ve taking this painting class at the local community college. So far it’s been a great learning experience. The greatest challenge I’ve faced this far is translating my imagination onto the canvas. I’ve also learned the truest test of art … Continue reading

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Learning creativity

For years I’ve heard advice that aspiring writers should enroll in a writing course. In spirit of that advice I’ve enrolled at my local community college. Instead of a creative writing course, I’ve registered in a painting course. That won’t … Continue reading

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Creative, but not in a vacuum

I haven’t been doing much reading lately. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing either. Its funny how that correlates. I find that when I read I’m more prone to write effectively. My kids watch a cartoon series … Continue reading

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