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Investigative Dating

It was a big night for Grayson. He took Betty to the best restaurant he could afford. This was the best chance to impress his latest crush. When the meals came, Betty pulled out her cell phone and took a … Continue reading

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The Art of the Selfie

Corey stared at the sign in the food court of the mall. ‘Disfarmer Institute of Photographic Studies’. He quickly made his way to the basement of the building. This was the fulfillment of a dream. Arriving in the main lecture … Continue reading

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Vegetables With Personalities

  The dark room was filled with light when Arun opened the door.   “Aw! Knock first,” shouted Maurizio.   “Sorry,” said Arun. He quickly plunged the room back into darkness. The only lights were the video screens of the … Continue reading

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On photography, writing and why we do what we do.

Tonight I watched a documentary on photographer Sally Mann. I was surprised to discover that I share the same insecurities with this well known and established artist. It seems that artists create from within their own consciousness and at the same time yearn for the affirmation of others. In the course of filming the documentary one of her shows is canceled by the gallery. He is devastated. In her struggle to come to terms with her disappointment she concludes that they canceled her show because it wouldn’t make the gallery any money. She concedes that she knew for her first photograph that her exhibit wouldn’t make money, but she still had to explore her subject anyway. Her art was more for her journey than for public consumption. Continue reading

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