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The Future of Tudor Publishing

“Writing, as we know it, is dead,” said Hamilton Tudor, CEO of Tudor Publishing. He slowly looked at each member of the board sitting around the oak conference table. A satisfied grin swept across his face. His dramatics were having … Continue reading

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The New Landscape of Publishing

This week Canada’s largest independent publishing company filed for bankruptcy protection. It’s another in the long list of traditional publishing companies to fail in the new era of publishing. There’s no doubt the publishing landscape has changed. I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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After seven years of rejection and frustration, I’ve finally reached the holy grail of unpublished writers. Later this year I will finally see my name in print. I’ve crossed the enigmatic barrier from aspiring writer to legitimated contributor. The object … Continue reading

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An apology

Yesterday I posted an entry entitled “The Keys to Failure”. This morning I received an e-mail message suggesting I pull it off line and try to publish it. With that encouragement, I’ve done just that. I apologize for any confusion … Continue reading

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Time for a brief pause

Instead of adding another chapter of my micro-novel, I’ve decided to take a moment to reflect on the process. This is, after all, an experiment of sorts. It seems appropriate to ponder the results. The immediate discovery is how difficult … Continue reading

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The demise of a publisher

I read online this evening that McNally-Robinson, one of Canada’s largest independent publishers, filed for bankruptsy. It’s another blow to another already beleagered industry. In my last post I gave my reasons for writers like myself to become multi-media saavy. … Continue reading

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Why I’m producing podcasts

A couple of nights ago I watched a program on the changing face of the publishing industry. The pressing questions of the discussion was the future of books. The emergence of Kindle and other ebook formats, along with the growing … Continue reading

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What is interesting?

Today I watched five minutes of Larry King on CNN. I rarely ever watch him. Tonight Larry was away and the host from “American Idol” was his replacement. The guests were the two finalists and one of the judges from … Continue reading

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What Should I Do Now?

Well, NaNoWriMo is over and I’m feeling the post NaNo let down.  I have the constant feeling I should be writing something.  Perhaps another novel maybe a short story or two.  Perhaps what I should be doing is editing my … Continue reading

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