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The Rembrandt Parables

I’ve started a new website for my audio podcasts. They’re calledĀ The Rembrandt Parables. They’re longer versions of the humorous stories I post on this blog. Please check themĀ out. They’re also available to download through iTunes.

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83 Uses for a Penny- a Rembrandt Parables Podcast

Announcing a new Rembrandt Parable podcast: 83 Uses for a Penny. You can listen to it by following the link: Rembrandt Parables Podcast I hope you enjoy.

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The Morton’s Hockey League- a new Rembrandt Parable Podcast

Check out my latest podcast: The Morton’s Hockey League. Because somebody still plays hockey. Just follow the link: Rembrandt Parables Podcasts

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A New Rembrandt Parable Podcast- ‘The Supper Club’

I finished recording my latest Rembrandt Parable Podcast. It’s called ‘The Supper Club’. Just follow the link on the Rembrandt Parables Podcast page. Let me know what you think!

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Rembrandt Parables Update

I’ve been recording my Rembrandt Parables as podcasts. Recently I found a way to share them online. Please check them out. You can get to through this link: The Rembrandt Parables Podcasts or on my “Podcasts” page. You can even … Continue reading

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A brief update

I haven’t been posting as frequently this summer and I thought an explanation might be in order. As you may know, I write the “Rembrandt Parables,” a series of humorous stories centred around a coffee shop. Do date I’ve written … Continue reading

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For an audience of one

(Written in the middle of the night) I’m sitting in a lonely hospital lobby wasting time. I’ve pulled out my pen and notebook hoping to discover something worth writing. I suppose, given enough effort, I can fill a page or … Continue reading

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After seven years of rejection and frustration, I’ve finally reached the holy grail of unpublished writers. Later this year I will finally see my name in print. I’ve crossed the enigmatic barrier from aspiring writer to legitimated contributor. The object … Continue reading

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The cycle continues

Last Sunday I read my latest Rembrandt Parable. It was story I finished a the previous Friday. The response was generally favorable. On Monday I started working on the next story. This project has taken on an almost obsessive quality. … Continue reading

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An epiphany, a parable and a sailor

I’ve learned something about myself. The past week I’ve been so focused on finishing my latest Rembrandt Parable that I’ve neglected my blog. When it comes to writing, I’m not very good at multitasking. The only thing I’ve posted are … Continue reading

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