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Snow Quixote

The snow was a foot deep when Aiden screwed up the determination to shovel. It was the third time in a week he had to clear the sidewalk. From inside the world looked pristine. The unblemished crystalline blanket shimmered in … Continue reading

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A Steaming Cup of Crazy

Sitting on the patio of Morton’s Café, Hector breathed deeply. “I love Spring in the city.” “Nothing like stepping through freshly thawed garbage,” said Stewart. “Or the smell. Nasty,” added Ramona. “You two are pessimists,” said Hector. “And look at … Continue reading

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The First Nice Day Of Spring

The digital clock on the wall in the coffee lab read 2:53. It was finally the first nice day of Spring and Quincey was restless. His cell phone rang. It was Sid from Purchasing. “Hey.” “Quincey! Are you busy?” Quincey … Continue reading

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An Ode to Dandelions

The dandelions are in bloom. All over the city bright yellow flowers bring color to a landscape overwhelmed by concrete gray and brown brick. Soon enough tulips and daffodils will emerge followed by roses of every conceivable variety. Yet the … Continue reading

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This weekend I began harvesting my first ever crop of strawberries. I planted them a year ago last Spring. They spent the last Summer getting established. This year they produced a nice crop of berries. The robins have also noticed … Continue reading

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Like I need another excuse to procrastinate

The past few days the weather has been great. As an avid gardener I’ve been eager to get outside and start digging. Now that winter has finally relieved its grip, I’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine and clean up … Continue reading

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