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Lost and Found

The bedroom door flew open and Margaret burst inside. She attacked the dresser, scattering bottles of makeup and accessories all over the floor. “What are you doing?” asked Bryce. He’d come into the room just in time to witness the … Continue reading

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The Mothers of Millenials

  “Guess what Carson did.” It was the kind of statement Rachel hated. The bright look in Jamie’s eyes meant she was about to regain Rachel with her adult son’s latest achievement. “I dunno,” said Rachel. “Was it a felony?” … Continue reading

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Ben’s First Law of Overcoming Stupidity

When Janette met with her cousin Ben, her head was still reeling. “I can’t believe what just happened to me. You know Bay Street? It’s a oneway heading downtown. I almost hit someone head-on who was going the wrong way. … Continue reading

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Vortex of Lunacy- The Man Who Declared Himself Emperor

Clement arrived at work and was immediately accosted by Ivan. “The whole world’s getting stupid,” he announced. Over Ivan’s shoulder Clement noticed Julia and Gertrude laughing and talking. “That’s new.” “That’s what I’m talking about,” said Ivan. Clement stepped around … Continue reading

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International Toilet Paper Week

The picture of Colton lovingly caressing a roll of toilet paper made Brody stop in his tracks. “What the-” said Brody. “It’s Toilet Paper Appreciation Week. A week when we take time to celebrate the considerable improvements toilet paper makes … Continue reading

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Anonymously Successful?

I wonder which is better, to appear successful in front of an audience or be genuinely successful in anonymity?

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A Small Parable on Success

Ever since he was a small boy, Blake wanted to be an artist. He and his mom used to spend hours wandering through the Art Gallery of Ontario. He was particularly awestruck by the Group of Seven and Emily Carr. … Continue reading

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