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An Apolitical Manifesto

(Food for thought.) 1. Governments cannot abolish evil. (It’s certain they create more of it.) 2. Folks, at their core, are selfish. All forms of evil stem from this truth. (Genuine altruism is endangered.) 3. When you spend more than … Continue reading

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Independent Thought

Kat arrived at the boutique where Melissa was waiting. “Sorry I’m late. I just had the strangest thing happen,” said Kat. “Don’t worry ‘bout it,” replied Melissa, glaring at her late friend. Sitting down, Kat continued, “Some random guy told … Continue reading

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Random Thought of the Day

Be wary when the government gives you everything you want. That’s how they treat livestock before they’re slaughtered.

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A couple of points to ponder

Be strong and courageous, because what you see is only half the challenge you face. God’s promises are only as effective as the ones who trust in them.

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Another thought- by me

If you always find things in the last place you look, wouldn’t it save time to look there first?

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Thought for the day

I have a lot of inner turmoil. I took antibiotics and then ate yogurt with probiotics. I’m not sure which side will win.

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A couple of thoughts

It recently occurred to me that one of the reasons people live such dull lives is that they are too busy watching other people on TV have interesting ones. Amuse by definition means “not think”. Since there is a incessant … Continue reading

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