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Applied Bioengineering

Amber burst through the front door and ran in search of her dad. She found him down in the basement playing Skyrim. “Dad! I figured out what I want to be,” she proclaimed. Her dad paused his game and examined … Continue reading

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Marital Compromise

Rob walked into the office just like it was any other normal day at work. The gasp on Wendy’s lips suggested otherwise. The entire left side of his head was bald. “What happened to you?” cried Wendy. Carter and Brody … Continue reading

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The Weirdness of Books

While riding on the bus a woman said, “I love books,” to no one in particular. She took a long sniff of the pages, then let out a euphoric, “ah.” Some of the passengers rolled their eyes. Others had a … Continue reading

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Strange occurance

This evening I experienced something new. I’ve often heard people say that they’ve seen everything. I don’t make that claim, mainly because of evenings like this. Someone I know somewhat well came up behind me and licked my head. He … Continue reading

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