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Why Writers Write

“I wonder if I’m the only one who has entire conversations in his head. They’re better than the conversations I have with people in real life,” said Sammy as he paused from tapping away on his computer. “Gee, thanks,” replied … Continue reading

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Writer’s riddle

Someone gave me this riddle about writers. I think it’s clever: Why are writers the strangest creatures in the world? Because their tales come out of their heads. (ba-dum ching!)

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A few insights on blogging

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, with moderate success. I’m not taking the blogosphere by storm, but I do have a few followers. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far. Write about what you enjoy. … Continue reading

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Hector- today’s storypraxis prompt

The following is a brief history of Hector, Texas, population 866. The town was established in 1845 by decorated Texas war hero Aloyisious Hector. Captain Hector rose to prominence at the battle of Peyote Springs in the summer of 1843. … Continue reading

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The Keys to Failure

I don’t really know any keys to success, mainly because I haven’t experienced any success. I have however, learned a few keys to failure. They’re lessons learned through a hard head and stubborn will. Hopefully they will serve inspiration to … Continue reading

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The Stradivarius Principle

That past two weeks I’ve suffered from a spell of writer’s block. These times aren’t overly troubling. I’ve had them before. One such spell lasted an entire year. I simply didn’t have anything to say, so I didn’t bother trying … Continue reading

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Men of God- a guest blog post by Benjamin T. Collier

When asked which Christian writers have been most influential to me personally, the first name that came to mind was John Eldredge. Particularly his books Wild at Heart and Way of the Wild Heart, which deal with the question of … Continue reading

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My computer broke down/Chickadees in a Maple

I had an older Macbook. It’s been my trusty writing companion for over five years. I returned from Write! Canada to discover the touchpad was periodically malfunctioning. Two days later the keyboard also started to fail. I was deeply concerned. … Continue reading

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Write! Now

I spent the last three days at the Write! Canada writer’s conference. It was an overwhelming experience, like the mother ship had called me home. I loved spending time with people who share my passion and faith. It was a … Continue reading

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The bubble bursts

The events of this week have reinforced that writing is an individual activity. Basking in the acceptance of my first article, I was eager to share my joy with family. I was greeted by waves of apathy. My wife was … Continue reading

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