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Technology of the Future, Yesterday!

Steven sat in his favourite coffee shop, writing in his journal during the morning rush. He was composing a particularly astute sentence when he was interrupted by a nosy high school student. “Is that a fountain pen?” he demanded of … Continue reading

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Why Writers Write

“I wonder if I’m the only one who has entire conversations in his head. They’re better than the conversations I have with people in real life,” said Sammy as he paused from tapping away on his computer. “Gee, thanks,” replied … Continue reading

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Seven Days of the Six Word Novel: Day One

I recently learned about a literary form of storytelling called the six word novel. Ernest Hemingway was credited with the most famous form of the story with: ‘For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.’ This reminds me of the haiku. It’s … Continue reading

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Excerpt From My Novel: The Pastor Who Hated Church

Harvey Byrne entered and sat down. The two looked at each other in silence. Elvis noticed how old Harvey looked. Older that his fifty-seven years. “Know how long I’ve been doing this?” said Harvey. “No.” “Care to guess?” Elvis sighed. … Continue reading

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He sat there, clicking the cap on his pen. On and off, on and off. He stared out the window at passersby, not noticing a single one of them. It was as though they were extras on the most boring … Continue reading

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The Future of Tudor Publishing

“Writing, as we know it, is dead,” said Hamilton Tudor, CEO of Tudor Publishing. He slowly looked at each member of the board sitting around the oak conference table. A satisfied grin swept across his face. His dramatics were having … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

Thank-you to No Friend As Loyal for the nomination. According to the rules of this award, I must reveal seven secrets of myself, then nominate 15 others blogs. Seven things you don’t yet know about me (and most likely don’t … Continue reading

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